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Does anyone even read books anymore? I do. There just isn't anything better than curling up with a good book and a cup of coffee sometimes. While the books on my shelf won't contain stories of dragons or crime lords, they will help prepare you for a career in Digital Forensics. And, if that's what your into, then I guess it's also why your here. So, here are three good places to start. While all of them discuss Digital Forensics, each one attacks the subject from a different angle or specialty. One concerns itself with Digital Forensics as used in Incident Response, while another takes on Computer Forensics and Investigations, while the third focuses in on Mobile Devices. The links will also take you to the PACKT website, which offers monthly plans to access their extensive library and training. It's an option that is well worth the money. 

The first one up is Learn Computer Forensics by William Oettinger, published in 2020. 


The second is Digital Forensics and Incident Response 2nd Edition by Gerard Johansen, published in 2020.

And third, is Practical Mobile Forensics 4th Edition by Rohit Tamma, Oleg Skulkin, Heather Mahalik, and Satish Bommisetty, published in 2020.

Take your time and let the terminology and concepts sink in. While these don't require an advanced technical understanding in order to get through, they do require you to at least be somewhat familiar with computers and mobile devices. If you find yourself reading the same sentences over and over, then walk away and let the words play around in your mind. Come back to it later after resting your brain and try again. Repetition is key! The more you immerse yourself into this world, the faster that it will all make sense! 

Happy reading! 


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