Forensic 4:Cast 2021 Nominations


My Nominations for the 2021 Forensic 4:Cast Awards

In most categories, there were just too many good choices for me to be able to pick just one, so I have listed them all and leave you to decide for yourself. The past year was absolutely crazy, but if any silver lining can be gleaned from the nightmare that was the global pandemic, it is that so much training and networking was done in this community from the safe distance of our homes and offices. I was able to meet so many influential people in the industry and make friends from around the world who are working on amazing things. I was able to take courses online that had only been available in person before. I learned so much in just one short year! I read so many books and blogs. I attended zoom meetings, and webinars, and WebX trainings. It was the worst year in many years for so many, and yet the best for Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity. So, without further ado, I submit for your review, my nominations for the 2021 Forensic 4:Cast Awards.


DFIR Commercial Tool of the Year

Magnet Axiom – The tool that I use every day and couldn’t live without. Whether it’s a desktop hard drive, laptop, mobile device, or a cloud account, I can use this swiss army knife to handle every job.


DFIR Non-Commercial Tool of the Year

xLEAPP (ALEAPP and iLEAPP) from Alexis Brignoni

EZ Tools from Eric Zimmerman

Autopsy from Basis Technology


DFIR Show of the Year

Life Has No Ctrl+Alt+Del with Heather Mahalik

Cache Up with Jessica Hyde

Both shows have been great for my development in the field, and through them have made many friends along the way.


DFIR Blog of the Year

Shameless plug for my own Noob2Pro4n6


DFIR Book of the Year

iOS Research & Exploration Volume I by James Duffy


DFIR Social Media Contributor of the Year

Heather Mahalik

Jessica Hyde


DFIR Degree Program or Training Class of the Year

NW3C - Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis (ADFA)


DFIR Newcomer of the Year

Elan Wright for her website, DFIR Diva 

James Duffy for his book, iOS Research & Exploration Volume I


DFIR Mentor of the Year

Andrew Rathbun – The man that walked me through the door and showed me the world of DFIR

Heather Mahalik – The lady that taught me a great deal of what I know


DFIR Resource of the Year

Digital Forensics Discord Server



This week in 4n6 by Phill Moore


DFIR Team of the Year

Cellebrite - Heather Mahalik, Ronen Engler, Paul Scurvy, Matt Goeckel

Magnet - Jessica Hyde, Tarah Melton, Trey Amick

I learned so much from both of these teams, and made so many friends from every corner of the globe while doing it. I am deeply indebted to every one of these people.

DFIR Investigator of the Year

Alexis Brignoni – FBI Agent, Digital Forensics expert, Programmer, Teacher, and all-around great guy. I can think of no better person to nominate for this category. It was practically made for him.


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