DFIR Weblogs

Weblogs are an excellent way to learn new concepts and meet new people, especially in the days of global pandemics. You simply log on and jump in to the conversation. They are usually very informal and laid back, like hanging out with old friends in video chat. You will find that the Digital Forensics community is very close knit and very cross-platform. Regardless of the tools you are using, the concepts are the same, as are many of the people. 

Here are some excellent weblogs to get you started and to introduce you to some faces in the field. 
Magnet Forensics - Cache up - with Jessica Hyde: 

Cellebrite - Life has no CTRL+ALT+DEL - with Heather Mahalik

Cellebrite - I beg to DFIR - with Ronen Engler, Heather Mahalik, and Paul Lorentz

Cellebrite - Carved from Unallocated - with Matt Goeckel and Heather Mahalik

SANS DFIR 3 Minute Max - with Kevin Ripa  

Forensic Lunch - with David Cowen 

Oxygen - Forensic Happy Hour - with Lee Reiber 

If you'd like to attend them live, then follow the authors on Twitter for updates.




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